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Photography (Fo)

Exam Board and Specification: AQA GCSE Art Photography 8206



The aim of the course is to develop your skills within Photography, visit sites of interest and research the work of photographers and designers and produce a body of work which conveys your responses to the world around you. Your work will be personal to you and we encourage you to develop your digital work independently, based upon specific themes given to you as starting points by your teachers.



You will produce a portfolio of work which shows your skills in several different areas:


  • Digital Photography
  • Digital Editing
  • Physical Manipulation of images
  • Traditional darkroom techniques and processes
  • Collage and the three dimensional use of your photographic responses


You will produce a large body of work in Year 10 which makes up the bulk of your coursework. This will explore a wide range of techniques and processes which will be produced in sketchbooks and also through the production of final pieces. At the start of Year 11 you will produce the 2nd part of your coursework, which will take the form of your PPE (Pre Public Exam). Again, this will be based upon a subject/theme of your choosing and will result in a personal response.

All coursework is undertaken in school and is completed across the autumn, spring and summer term of Year 10 and the autumn term of Year 11.  


All coursework is undertaken in school and is completed across the autumn, spring and summer term of Year 10 and the autumn term of Year 11.



All coursework is marked according to the school marking policy using GCSE marking criteria.
Exam work and the final portfolio of coursework (representing 45 hours of the best of the students work) is cross-moderated internally with a visiting moderator verifying the marks given from a sample presented in an exhibition of work, which takes place in the summer term of Year 11.

Coursework 60% of total mark

Exam to be taken in the Spring Term of Year 11 40% of total mark


This is set weekly and includes artist research and personal photographic shoots. Students are encouraged to extend their work independently, both in school and at home. Opportunities for extending personal student work include the submission of student photography work in local competitions.

For further information contact: Mrs Williams at

Teaching methods used

  • Practical experimentation with a variety of processes to generate ideas.
  • Researching artists and movements
  • Production of final pieces through the use of their most successful process     
    Explanation and one to one demonstration of techniques


Careers This Subject Leads Onto

  • Designer – graphic, web, interior etc                    
  • Wildlife photography
  • Architect                                                                 
  • Fashion/Textiles                   
  • Advertising and media careers                             
  • Digital/Multimedia
  • Fashion Industry                                                
  • 3D/Product Design
  • Advertising and media careers
  • Fashion industry