Sixth Form Curriculum Intent


At KS5, we offer a range of Level 3 academic and applied courses that intend to build on KS4 studies and prepare students to progress and excel into their chosen future pathway, whether that be higher study at university, degree apprenticeships, or high-quality employment. The curriculum continues to support all pupils' enjoyment of learning, whilst requiring them to endeavour through self study and regular assessment. 

  • Enjoy: Learning is fulfilling, enriching, creative, safe, and happy in disruption-free classrooms. Knowledge is delivered by expert, passionate teachers.  

  • Endeavour: There is challenge in our curriculum through the breadth of subject offer and through the resilience and perseverance that is developed in all learners. Working hard at CHS  is a  key value.

  • Excel: All pupils will be supported and challenged to achieve academic excellence and to participate in the wider extra-curricular. Alongside this, the curriculum will develop students to be global 21st Citizens.

To ensure students can excel in their next steps we provide a comprehensive work experience programme, support with university applications, support with a range of apprenticeship applications and preparation for employment.

During our pastoral time we follow the PSHE Association guidelines to ensure our students continue to develop knowledge and understanding in: Health and Wellbeing, Relationships and Living in the Wider World; so that they are ready to make their impact on the wider world when they leave us.

Within the Sixth Form there is also an extensive range of extra-curricular and
super-curricular activities for students to enjoy. Students also have many opportunities to participate in a variety of trips and visits, charity work, community service within the school and work within the local community. The wider curriculum that the students actively participate in is key to preparing them to confidently contribute to, and take their place in, the modern world as global 21st citizens.