Key Stage 3 Reporting
Please see the attached document below

Key Stage 4 Reporting

In this report, you will find teacher judgements on your child’s progress which includes:

KS4 Target – these targets are challenging and designed to stretch all levels of ability.

KS4 Projected Grade – this lets you know whether your child’s teacher feels they achieve their target.

Attitude to Learning.



Reflection time response.


Teachers have also set targets which you should discuss with your child.  Celebrate their achievements and help them to address any areas of weakness by identifying priorities and action points.

Projected grades have been fine graded whereby ‘a’ is a good chance, possibly with intervention, to achieve the next grade up; ‘b’ will achieve this grade and unlikely to go up or down; ‘c’ is a high risk of not getting the grade.  (E.g. 4a – good chance that the student will achieve 5, possibly with intervention.  4b – will achieve 4.  4c – high risk of dropping to a grade 3.)

Downloads Date  
Parent report Y7 to 9 guidance 10th Feb 2021 Download