Pastoral Care

The pastoral team at CHS consists of a Head of Year for each year group, Tutors, Attendance and Pastoral Support Managers and a 'Restorative Room' manager.

Together they work as a cohesive group in order to provide the right care and support to ensure our students thrive in their learning.

Students are placed in mixed ability forms when they arrive in Year 7. Great care is taken by the transition coordinator to ensure friends remain together and those new friendships are forged.

The form remains together throughout the school allowing tutors to get to know each student as an individual. The tutor monitors academic progress as well as providing the necessary support and guidance to ensure each pupil has a positive learning experience in all aspects of their school life.

Tutor time in Key Stage 3, is spent largely on developing friendships, raising money for various charities and developing a passion for reading through the accelerated reader scheme.

In Key Stage 4, students are encouraged to take on positions of additional responsibility as well as having time to develop the skills necessary to be independent and confident learners.

Inter form sporting activities take place during the year where there is an emphasis on working together as a team and developing organisation and leadership skills.