KS2 Transition

Year 6

During Year 6 pupils are visited throughout the summer term by a member of staff where we answer any questions they may have.  We speak to their Year 6 teacher and find out as much as we can about each student. This year, our Year 7 students are running assemblies for Year 4 and 5 pupils, so they can see what we have to offer and what your child can experience at CHS.

Students with low self-esteem or who are particularly nervous about coming to Secondary school are identified through the primary school visits and invited in for three additional sessions to help quell their concerns and meet other students who have shared similar apprehensions in the past.

When only one or two pupils join CHS from a primary school, they are invited to spend an extra morning with us where they take part in activities and get to know other pupils coming from a similar situation. By the end of the morning, they all go home with the phone number of a new friend they have made (some have even had sleepovers during the summer following this session!)

Our induction day is held in July and involves the pupils having 'taster' lessons and meeting their new tutor group as well as members of staff.  This is followed up by a 'Year 6 Parents Information Evening'.  This is for both parents and Year 6 pupils and acts as an opportunity for them to meet staff involved with their child’s education during their first term at CHS.

A coffee morning is held for parents towards the end of the summer term so they are able to speak to the Vice Principal responsible for KS3 prior to their child starting.

Year 7

We have a strong 'buddy' and 'mentor' system at CHS where members of Year 8 and Year 10 take the new Year 7 pupils to their new lessons in the first few weeks of term.  The mentors attend tutor time and support in making the new Year 7 students as happy and confident in their first few weeks of Year 7 as possible. The buddies and mentors also assist with all of the transition events in the summer term, including attending the primary schools.

A social evening is organised by the PTA and the Vice Principal in September so parents are able to meet other parents of their child's form group. It is also an opportunity for the students to show their parents around the school and meet their new friends.

A curriculum information evening is held in October so parents are able to speak to members of staff with reference to the core subjects and another chance to speak to their child's tutor. Buddies and mentors also attend this evening.