KS2 Transition


Year 6

During Year 6 pupils are visited throughout the summer term by a member of staff where we answer any questions they may have.  We speak to their Year 6 teacher and find out as much as we can about each student. This year, our Year 7 students are running assemblies for Year 4 and 5 pupils, so they can see what we have to offer and what your child can experience at CHS.

Students with low self-esteem or who are particularly nervous about coming to Secondary school are identified through the primary school visits and invited in for three additional sessions to help quell their concerns and meet other students who have shared similar apprehensions in the past.

When only one or two pupils join CHS from a primary school, they are invited to spend an extra morning with us where they take part in activities and get to know other pupils coming from a similar situation. By the end of the morning, they all go home with the phone number of a new friend they have made (some have even had sleepovers during the summer following this session!)

Our induction day is held in July and involves the pupils having 'taster' lessons and meeting their new tutor group as well as members of staff.  This is followed up by a 'Year 6 Parents and Carers Information Evening'.  This is for both parents/carers and Year 6 pupils and acts as an opportunity for them to meet staff involved with their child’s education during their first term at CHS.

A coffee morning is held for parents towards the end of the summer term so they are able to speak to the Vice Principal responsible for KS3 prior to their child starting.


Year 7

In the summer term of Year 6, there are a number of academic transition days.

For 2023 these are scheduled during July.  Pupils joining us from small schools will have a special visit day separately to support them meeting, and making new friends. Year 6 pupils can also ask for a CHS ‘pen pal’ to write to them before they begin.

At the start of term Year 7 are given a day in school on their own so that they can build their confidence and learn their way around. The ‘buddies’ will also come in on this day and support Year 7.

We have a strong 'buddy' and 'mentor' system at CHS where members of Year 8 and Year 10 take the new Year 7 pupils to their new lessons in the first few weeks of term.  The mentors attend tutor time and support in making the new Year 7 students as happy and confident in their first few weeks of Year 7 as possible. The buddies and mentors also assist with all of the transition events in the summer term, including attending the primary schools.

A tutor evening is organised in September so parents and carers are able to meet their child's Form Tutor and Head of House. It is also an opportunity for the pupils to show their parents around the school and meet their new friends.

A curriculum information evening is held in October of the first term so that parents and carers are able to speak to members of staff with reference to the core subjects and another chance to speak to their child's tutor. We also have a celebration service for Year 7 in the first half term so that we can all congratulate Year 7 on their achievements to date. This event is held in the beautiful Chichester Cathedral, which is also where you can join us for our annual Carol Concerts.

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Timetable for Appeals - Secondary

Your appeal will be heard at what is called a Hearing, within a time scale of 40 school days from 29th March 2023. It is likely to be heard at the end of April to August 2023.

All other appeals known as ‘in-year’ admissions and those for Year 7 submitted after 29th March 2023 will be heard within 30 school working days of submitting the request.

Your appeal request should state your reasons for your request and any additional information/documentation/appendices should be submitted five days before the Hearing to allow time for it to be copied and distributed to all the interested parties. At least 10 working days before your appeal, unless you choose to waive this right, you will be sent detailed information regarding the process and also the date and names of the independent panel members who will hear the appeal.

The school is unable to guarantee that any original work/evidence/folders, submitted as part of the appeal, will be returned. Appellants may wish to submit copies in advance and then take important original documents verifying evidence to the appeal. 

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.

Please click here to access an online application form.

If you are not able to apply online please use the word version found here

Completed forms should be returned directly to West Sussex, this can be done via email at admissions.south@westsussex.gov.uk or via post

Worthing (South) Pupil Admissions Office
Bridge House
Barrington Road
BN12 4SE 

Application outcomes will be confirmed in writing no later than 10 school days from receipt of the application.

If the number of applications for the school, for any year group, is more than the number of places available, the oversubscription criteria (as per our Admissions Policy) will be applied.  The same oversubscription criteria will apply before a place is offered from the Waiting List.

In the event that your application is unsuccessful and you would like to pursue an appeal, please click here to access an Appeal form.

If you would like to arrange a tour of the school or have any queries regarding the admissions process please contact the School Office.

Telephone: 01243 602558

Email: office@chs-tkat.org

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