GSD and the Chichester High School have had a long standing partnership from the early stages of the club. However from next season this partnership will be taken to a whole new level. From September, all GSD junior national league teams will play and train solely out of the Chichester High School and will compete under the name - "Chichester High School GSD". This change of name and location will solidify the partnership for years to come and encourage more of our junior athletes to attend this incredible school. 


In addition to this, the school will launch its basketball academy programme. For the next 2 years, the CHS 6th form team will be training up to 10 hours a week while competing in a men's local league.

In the academies' 3rd year, the school intends to follow the same regime however will be competing within the ABL. This time frame is strategically in place for when our current U14s (year 9s) move in to U17s (year 12).

This also means that we can provide a full pathway from high school through to University with the additional partnership formed with the University of Chichester earlier this year.

Coach Dave will be leading the programme at CHS as the schools head coach and has also taken on the role of Ambitions Tutor at the school, a role in place to motivate and encourage disadvantaged children to pursue their goals through weekly mentorship meetings. 

Here's to CHS GSD 




Coach Dave