Contextual Information 2021

Covid -19 Implications for the current cohort

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Contextual Information for Higher Education Providers 2021

Staff and student absence began in February 2020. The last day of teaching was Tuesday 15th March as the school partially closed. In the week beginning 14th March staff and pupil absence was significantly higher than usual. Lessons were therefore disrupted during this week. This, coupled with high levels of uncertainty about what was to follow impacted significantly on levels of learning engagement at this time.

On Monday 23rd March Chichester High School closed due to Government guidelines. This year had their GCSE exams cancelled and their education stopped two months early, a crucial time for all students.

Students returned to school in September but throughout the Autumn Term staff were absent due to COVID 19, students therefore had a number of lessons delivered online. The students were taught in a bubble and this meant that specialist subjects such as the sciences were unable to do any laboratory work. On Tuesday 5th January students began their Remote Learning provision following Government Guidelines. Lessons were delivered online via the use of Google Classroom, attendance was good but student surveys demonstrated that students found it difficult to engage in the lesson at the same level that they would in class. On Monday 15th March students returned to lessons in their bubbles, wearing masks on a full time basis. Lessons continued to be disturbed due to staff and student absence, related to Covid 19.

93% of staff have been ill/self isolated with Covid 19 since September 2020, causing severe disruption to students learning.

61% this cohort have been ill/self isolated with Covid 19  since September 2020, these students have been further disadvantaged.