Contextual Information 2021

Covid -19 Implications for the current cohort

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Contextual Information for Higher Education Providers 2021

The last day of teaching was Tuesday 15th March as the school partially closed.

In the week beginning 14th March staff and pupil absence was significantly higher than usual.

Lessons were therefore disrupted during this week. This, coupled with high levels of uncertainty about what was to follow impacted significantly on levels of learning engagement at this time.

Monday 23rd March Chichester High School closed due to Government guidelines.

Sixth Form staff were required to upload online work and resources for students to complete independently. At the start of the school closure, we were unable to offer live online teaching, therefore all lessons that took place were based on set tasks.

The work continued to follow the subject specification and primarily focused on note taking and retrieval style tasks to check understanding.

On Monday 1st June students began to have a 1-hour live online lesson per week, per subject (compared to the 4 hours of lessons per week, per subject that they would normally have).

On Monday 15th June, students returned to school for an hour face to face session per subject, per fortnight.

This was supplemented with an hour live lesson on the alternative week Set tasks continued to support the face to face and online lessons.

The final day of term for this year group was 10th July.