Posted on: March 9th 2023

#NeuroNinja Course 21st March @ 8pm

Dear Parent and Carers,
How Do I Help My Child With Anxiety – a #NeuroNinja Course
Tuesday 21st March 8pm - Webinar

Poster. How do I help my child with anxiety TKAT

We’re always looking for ways to support our wonderful children and parent, carer community.
On Tuesday 21 st March at 8pm, Andrew Wright from Action Your Potential will be delivering a webinar for parents and carers all about how to help our children with anxiety.
In this session we will explore;
  • How our brain builds models of the world;
  • What anxiety is in the brain;
  • What is going on in the brain when we’re experiencing anxiety;
  • How the brain resolves anxiety through building calm;
  • How neurally-diverse children can be supported to respond to their anxiety;
  • How can we help our children build back from anxiety;
  • How our parental influence moves from protection to preparation;
  • How to nurture coping skills and resilience through a focus on mind management.

Andrew is CEO of Action Your Potential, an organisation that works with over 150 schools across the UK supporting them to support their school communities to build powerful habits of well-being, mind management and learning.

Action Your Potential

Excitingly we’re working with Action Your Potential this year to support our whole school community to learn all about our amazing brains.
More information on the #NeuroNinja programme will follow in the next couple of weeks, with an opportunity to sign up to the #NeuroNinja Learning Hub and how to help your child build the skills of being a #NeuroNinja.
To find out more about the #NeuroNinja programme and Action Your Potential visit their website –
This session is open to any parent or carer at a TKAT academy.



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