Posted on: December 18th 2019

Passports for trips


Dear Parents/Carers

Please can we remind you that whilst we have a number of exciting trips in 2020, it is essential that your child’s passport is valid for the trips they are going on.   We have checked passport advice from West Sussex County Council and various tour companies and they have directed us to the government website whose advice is as follows:

The Government advice suggests that passports will still be immediately useable as long as they have at least 6 months remaining before their expiry date. They recommend that parents/carers check their children’s passports and to apply now for a renewal if there is likely to be less than 6 months left on a passport, individual passports can be checked through these links for specific journeys.

The following links have been recommended:

Please note that it is parents’ responsibility to ensure they submit a valid passport to the school,

the school will not be able to make any refunds for payments made if a child is unable to travel if they have insufficient validity on their passport.

We do hope that this clarifies the current situation but we recommend that you check the above links if you require any further clarification.




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