Regular attendance is important if your child is to achieve success in school and we are working hard to reduce levels of pupil absence.

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West Sussex Fixed Penalty Scheme

The school will routinely and actively pursue the issue of penalty notices for unauthorised absence.

You may receive a fixed penalty notice if:

  • Your child has a minimum of 10 sessions (am and pm sessions in a school day) recorded as an unauthorised absence in a 10 week period.
  • Your child has an unauthorised holiday.
  • Your child is in a public place during the first 5 days of an exclusion from school.
  • Your child is persistently late for school (after the register closes at 9.00am.

Following the Government's review of Attendance, a Fixed Penalty notice is now £120 and can be issued per child to each parent and needs to be paid within 21 days.
The expression 'parent' in relation to a child includes any person who is not a parent of the child but has parental responsibility and/or care of the child.  If the Fixed Penalty is paid within this period of time ten the fine will decrease to £60 per parent per child.

Should the fines remain unpaid at the end of this period of time you may be prosecuted for failing to ensure regular and punctual school attendance of your child/children.  

This is a criminal offence under Section 44 of the Education Act 1996 and carries a maximum fine of £1,000 per parent.  I am sure you will appreciate how all absence, but particularly extended absence, from school during term time can seriously disrupt your child's progress.  

There are only 190 days in the school year which means that there are 175 non-school days left for holidays, treats and shopping.