Drama at Chichester High School is a powerful learning tool for developing pupils confidence, independence, cooperation, critical thinking and creativity. Through the exploration of a variety of topics it shows them how to have empathy and allows them to explore issues in an innovative and creative way. 

Drama (Dr)
Exam Board and Specification: Edexcel GCSE Drama 1DR0

The Drama GCSE enables students to apply knowledge and understanding when making, performing and responding to drama. They will develop theatrical skills that will be applied within a performance and have the opportunity to develop themselves as creative, effective, independent and reflective learners who can make informed choices when creating and performing theatre. Through this course students will have the opportunity to explore plays looking at the social, cultural and historical context and how these influence their performance style. Students will be encouraged to work collaboratively with others and visit the theatre to inform their understanding of plays in performance.

The Drama GCSE is broken into three components:

DR01: Devising. (40% of the GCSE)
Students will create a devised performance based on a given stimuli chosen by the school. Throughout the process, you will document the decisions made and evaluate the effectiveness of these in a final Portfolio (1500-2000 words, worth 45 marks). Your devised piece will be performed and assessed by your teacher in Year 10 (15 marks).

DR02: Performance from Text. (20% of the GCSE)
You will study a Drama script within lessons and will perform two contrasting extracts to a visiting examiner as either a solo, duo or part of a group performance.
You can choose to follow a performance or technical pathway.
The performances are worth 48 marks.

DR03: Theatre Makers in Practice. (40% of the GCSE)
You will prepare for a 1 ½ hour examination. This consists of one question broken into five parts (short and extended responses) based on an unseen extract from the chosen performance text (worth 45 marks) and the second consists of two questions requiring you to analyse and evaluate a live theatre performance you have seen. (Worth 15 marks).

DR01 is assessed by the performance and the portfolio of the process which can be in the form of either a written document or verbal presentation. This is marked by the teacher and sent away to be externally moderated.
DR02 is an externally assessed performance marked by a visiting examiner.
DR03 is assessed through a written response completed under exam conditions.

Tasks will vary depending on the unit studied but will generally consist of:
Writing up notes from lesson explorations, reading allocated plays/ scenes, practising exam questions, learning lines and attending rehearsals out of lesson time.

You will also have the opportunity to get involved in LAMDA examinations as an
extra-curricular task. Ask your teacher for more information.

For further information contact: Mrs Clarke Head of Performing Arts