Posted on: March 28th 2024

Headteacher Update 28.03.24

Alaric Govan   Headteacher at Chichester High SchoolWeek 27: "The changes we dread most may contain our salvation." — Barbara Kingsolver

Over the last year, there has been a lot of change and I know that this has an impact on the school community - staff, parents/carers, but especially the children. Everything we are doing - from being more consistent in the ways in which we establish good behaviour in the school, to tightening up on lateness, to raising expectations inside (and outside) of the classroom, is done with the aim of improving the outcomes for all of the students who attend Chichester High School. Change isn’t always popular and I think that it affects the year groups who have been at the school for the longest time. They are used to things running in a certain way and don’t always like that being changed. 

As we move forward, there is a need to focus on more of the positive aspects of school life. We are looking to re-establish the house system, to create more opportunities for healthy competition, collaboration, and emphasising community. We are also going to reintroduce rewards trips at the end of the school year. Details of these will come out next term. Our assemblies already celebrate the children’s many achievements - attendance, effort, progress, sporting, help around the school - and we want to continue developing this. We are also working with the wider trust to develop more facilities for the school community - the new changing rooms will finally be fitted over the Easter holidays, and we are working with our catering team to introduce a new canteen for the sixth form. Finances permitting, I would also like to create more spaces for the children to eat and socialise outside, with the view of erecting some canopies so they have shelter from the weather (including when it is hot).

Today brings the close to a busy (and rainy) half-term. Although the half-term is a short one, this term overall is always very busy because of all the work that staff and students are completing in the run-up to the summer examinations. Both Years 11 and 13 have worked exceptionally well, attending intervention in the morning, working hard in all of their lessons, attending intervention after school, and with many attending consolidation sessions over Easter in preparation for GCSE and A’ level exams that start as soon as we return. 

Continuing on the theme of change, we held a very well-attended careers fair for Year 9 two weeks ago. This year group has chosen their GCSE option preferences for next year and we are just going through all of these in preparation for writing the new timetable for September 2024. At the same time, Year 11s have been considering their destinations for next year, whether that is continuing their studies in our sixth form or moving on to fresh pastures. And Year 13s, at the end of 14 years of education, are now considering what’s next. For many, this will be university - last year 77% of the cohort applied for university or degree apprenticeships, and 85% of students secured their first-place option - and some will be entering the world of work. It’s a reminder that one of the crucial functions of a school is to prepare children for the next stage of their lives. There is no better feeling than when an ex-student comes back into school to share what they are up to. For all of the students about to make choices - Years 9, 11 and 13 - I wish them good luck as they move into the next phase of their lives. Very exciting!

Today was one of my favourite school events - the handing out of Headteacher awards to students across the seven year groups. These students are nominated by the pastoral teams - sometimes I see familiar faces, but normally there are new students coming over to my office for praise (from their Heads of Year), a certificate, and some chocolate. Listening to the Heads of Year talk about the students was (as always) a wonderful way to end the term. We do this every half-term and it is a highlight.

It’s the last day of term (although the school will remain busy with consolidation/revision sessions, and work around the site). I hope that you all have a wonderful two and a half weeks (maybe the rain will relent at some point and we will have some sunny weather), and I look forward to seeing all of the students back in school on Monday 15th April.

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