Posted on: March 30th 2017


It has been brought to our attention, by an internet safety source, that an app by the name of SIM SIMI is trending Nationwide amongst children and teenagers. The app itself is a yellow cartoon character orb that sends messages of a violent, sexual and offensive nature.

According to our source, the app is currently the no.1 most popular download. It looks very child friendly, is free and is pitched as a "story making" app for children, who are encouraged to ask it questions. Regardless of the question SIM SIMI is asked, it replies with a sexually explicit message back in return each time. There are also 3 other settings including "vulgar, violent and other".

Whilst we have not had any incidents of SIM SIMI reported at school, given the nature and popularity of the app, we feel that is a cause for concern that should be shared with yourselves, as parents of year 6 children, many of which have mobile phones.

For further information about the warnings of SIM SIMI, please use the link below.



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