Posted on: November 25th 2021

Face masks

Dear Parents/Carers

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I hope you and your families remain well. Whilst we have had cases of Covid amongst pupils and staff since September, we have not had to make any amendments to our timetable. However, as cases in West Sussex rise and more staff are affected, I do need to make some adjustments.

Face masks
This week we heard from the West Sussex Director of Public Health that secondary school Headteachers are to reintroduce the requirement for pupils to wear face coverings in communal areas in schools until the end of term, unless they are exempt, whether there are currently Covid-19 cases in school or not. 

Therefore, from FRIDAY 26th NOVEMBER, ALL PUPILS unless exempt, must wear masks in all communal areas, halls and corridors. This includes the canteen. However, when sat down and eating then pupils can of course remove their masks. Heads of Year will continue to meet all our pupils at their Year group gates and have spare masks available.

In light of this announcement, we will also make all assemblies and consultation evenings virtual. We know that our online assemblies were really effective in supporting the pastoral curriculum last year.

We will be in contact with parents and carers of Year 11 and 13 over the next couple of days to confirm virtual arrangements.

Public Transport
We continue to require all secondary-age pupils (unless exempt) on council-contracted school transport to wear a face covering. 

LFD Testing
LFD testing is an effective way of identifying people with the virus when they are at their most infectious, and that these tests are effective when used regularly, and retain effectiveness for the Delta variant. LFD testing offers a significant advantage over PCR in allowing for more rapid isolation of infectious people.  We continue to highly recommend twice weekly testing.

Managing Large Events
The updated guidance also asks us to review planned events in the run up to Christmas.

Year 11:  Virtual Consultation Evening
Year 13:  Virtual Consultation Evening
High School Musical:  Masks will be worn
Carol Concert:  We will follow the guidance of the Cathedral
Sixth Form Quiz mass: This will take place in form groups within school

My sincere thanks for your ongoing support.

Yours faithfully

Jo McKeown



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