Posted on: February 15th 2017

Working memory - CHS Teaching School

What a great conference!

Mark Johnson and Mel Childs write,

Tracy Alloway twitter responseSession 1: Skype Conference from Dr Tracy Alloway PhD on ‘Working memory: The new IQ’

At 1003, after a tense few minutes, CHS connected with Tracy in Miami.  She then delivered an hour presentation on what working memory is and its effect on learning for all students but particularly SEND students.  We discussed a number of case studies and all delegates had an opportunity to ask questions.

“Dr Alloway delivered and engaging and interesting presentation explaining what working memory is and how low working memory impacts on SEND students.  I found the information clear and gave me a good understanding of the effects for different needs”


Session 2: Further explorations of working memory and its impact on students who have SEND

Mel Childs took Tracy Alloway’s introduction to working memory and applied it in more detail to SEND needs.  Delegates were given the opportunity to test their own working memory and know what it feels like to be a student in the classroom.  There was also an opportunity to summarise key research documents.

Working memory 15.02 (1)

“I felt that this section was presented with clarity and gave a deeper understanding of working memory with good examples and anecdotes”

Session 3: Practical activities to develop Maths skills in SEND students

Mark Johnson summarised the theory surrounding memory and turned this into practical applications.  Delegates focused on how to create a ‘working memory classroom’ which would support the working memory of the students.  The discussion then focused on activities to develop working memory and how to use these activities in the classroom.

“Great opportunity to look at activities and share ideas on how to develop for topics in Maths”




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