Posted on: July 6th 2020

CHS virtual Sports Day 2020

A message from Mr Boniface.

Firstly can I thank you all for being positive and your support for the CHS virtual Sports Day.

We had an overwhelming number of athletics times, programme designs, funny videos and delicious looking cakes!

Sports Day 2020 programme winner

Most of the times looked genuine including a remarkable 30m sprint time of 5 seconds and 58 press-ups in a minute from Mrs Budd (I didn’t see it happen but I do trust her integrity!)

Here are the best cakes and programmes.

Sports Day 2020   virtual (1)

 Sports Day 2020   virtual (3)

Below are some particular highlights from the day.

It breaks my heart not to have an official winner as this was a participation event but we can confirm in terms of number of students taking part Rowling were slightly behind Malala-King, Redgrave had the most entries with Hawking slightly behind them.

However, to keep the peace between the houses.. there is no official order!

The healthy competition will resume for 2021.

Digby Fulford 22.14 – Hawking
Daisy Barclay 46.20 – MK
Alex Darby 28.20 – Redgrave

30M Sprint:
Lucas DA Vall – 4 seconds – Redgrave
Freddie Lawrence – 4.85 – Hawking
Bonnie Millyard – 6.17 - Rowling

Keepie up challenge:
Nandi Antal 90 - Redgrave
Freddie Lawrence 85 – Hawking
Grace Corri 7 – Redgrave

Press up test:
Josh Nurse – 50 – Redgrave
Grace Smith – 40 – MK
Lucie Morley – 38 – Redgrave

Sit up test:
Henry Buchanan – 45 - Rowling
Tegan Figg- 40 – Redgrave
Ms Hodson! - 45 – Redgrave

Many thanks

Mr Boniface
Director of Sport


It's our CHS virtual Sports Day on Friday 3rd July.

We hope you will ALL join in.

You can post your results HERE




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