Posted on: November 15th 2019

The HARA Band

Alternative band The HARA are with us at Chichester High School today to deliver an exciting performance; plus assemblies to students in certain Year groups about many topics, including cyberbullying and mental health.

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Josh Taylor (frontman), Zack Breen (guitar) and Jack Kennedy (drums) are a passionate trio, who between performances, shared important messages relating to emotional health and staying safe online. They also encourage students to seek support and help from friends, family, and school staff during challenging times.

Mrs Angus said....

Year 10 and the 6th form got to 'rock out' this morning to the band The Hara.

The band did a fantastic set in the theatre before talking to students about the importance of looking after their mental health and online safety.

The band talked about the importance of sharing your mental health worries with family, friends and school whilst reinforcing the message that everyone has mental health and this should not be stigmatized. They also discussed online safety and the importance of protecting your profile and being aware that what you share online will be there forever.

They described social media as 'your second CV' and highlighted the fact that colleges, universities, employers and record labels (!) can access social media accounts so what you post can really effect your future.

The Hara were energetic, talented musicians and after their performance today I think they have gained tons more fans in Chichester! 






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