Posted on: November 8th 2016

CHS 'Eco Warrior' students recycle for charity

Eco Warrior pupils attending the Chichester Eco Summit this autumn were asked by the event organisers, The E.Y.E. Project, to collect and save their families clean plastic milk bottle tops for a charitable recycling collection at the event.

Clare Sutton, Project Officer of The E.Y.E. Project (which stands for Eco Young and Engaged) said: ‘By arranging the milk bottle top collections at our Eco Summit events across West Sussex we hope to encourage the youngsters and their families to recycle more and to support local charitable recycling collection initiatives. Tilly and Alfie, from Chichester High School, were two of the pupils who attended the Eco Summit event and it was great that they were able to be involved with delivering the collection to St Paul’s Church whose recycling collection supports Chestnut Tree House hospice.’

311016 eye project bottle tops 6

Clean plastic milk bottle tops, which cannot be recycled in the usual household waste recycling, are collected at St Paul’s Church and then passed to a recycling company, who pay a small amount per tonne collected, which the church donates to the Chestnut Tree House, a Sussex and East Hampshire hospice for children and young adults aged 0-19 with progressive life-shortening conditions. Since St Paul’s started collecting, they have collected millions of bottle tops!

Chichester residents are encouraged to waste less, recycle more and support their local charitable collections. Clean plastic milk bottle tops can be taken to the collection bins in the car park of St Paul’s Church in Chichester. Martin Cooke, a representative from St Paul’s Church said ‘These collections fill a gap in the community's reduction of waste since the good quality plastic bottle tops cannot be sorted out by the District Councils' contractor. Each year in addition to giving about £230 to Chestnut Tree House about another £300 is saved from the Council not having to pay land fill tax. Some of the recycled plastic is used in Britain to make garden furniture and fleeces.’

311016 eye project bottle tops 23

(From left to right: Clare Sutton - Project Officer of The E.Y.E. Project; Margaret Enstone - W.S.C.C. Sustainability Team Senior Advisor/E.Y.E. Project secretary; Martin Cooke - representative from St Paul’s Church; and Tilly & Alfie from Chichester High School).

The E.Y.E. Project ran a milk bottle top collection at their Worthing & Adur Eco Summit in the summer supporting a Worthing charity and due to its success has made a charitable milk bottle top collection a regular initiative for schools attending their Eco Summit events across West Sussex.



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