Posted on: October 19th 2017

Year 7 Cathedral Service 2017

Year 7 celebration at Chichester Cathedral - It was a pleasure to celebrate our newest students in our historic City Cathedral.  It is also always rather spectacular walking the whole of Year 7 through the City!  This was the 2nd year that we were all in our new purple blazers. 

The readings and music were fabulous, it was made even more special as lots of parents, younger siblings, and grandparents were in the audience.

Congratulations to Lillie Turner, Tegan Prior and Kaitlin Bishop for their musical performances – you were amazing!  Thank you to Maizey Cleary, Harvey Bosworth, Bailey Burrows and Lilly Cortazzi-Pewsey for being brave and doing readings in the Cathedral.

As always, our choir and school band sang and played beautifully.

Thank you for your support.





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