Posted on: June 27th 2017

20 years of Harry Potter

Celebrating Harry Potter's 20th anniversary.

We had an amazing afternoon testing students’ knowledge of Harry Potter in the Big Harry Potter Quiz.  Activities included questions on the films, Quidditch and creatures and there were Bonus Rounds which relied on students’ speed and problem solving skills. 

There were some 'hardcore' Potter fans in situ and the atmosphere was truly magical.

All houses fought hard and a huge congratulations should go to everyone who took part. 

Overall congratulations should go to Hufflepuff A Team who won by achieving 111 points during the afternoon, closely followed by Slytherin A Team on 109 points. 


Full results:

1st Hufflepuff/Hawking Year 7 and 8 team  - Kaylei Kilcline, Cam Read,
Amelia Thwaites, Seb Hutchings

2nd Slytherin/Rowling Year 7 and 8 team – Isatu Koroma, Hannah Oeder,
Isobel Thomas, Ryan King

3rd Slytherin/Rowling Year 9 and 10 team – Leoni Barber, Owen Thomas,
MacKenna Foster-Lewis, Nat Westwood

4th Hufflepuff/Hawking Year 9 and 10 team – Jess Hodgson, Beth Ifould,
Sophie Feest, Jemima Haywood

Harry Potter staff pics! (201)Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this day truly fantastic,

Kendra Mungdundus (Katie Morris)



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