Posted on: May 10th 2024

Horticulture Club at CHS

Horticulture Club for RWaWe recently posted an infographic on social media asking for support for our new Gardening Club.

We are grateful to Karen, one of the Community Ambassadors, and the team at Chichester (2266) Tesco who saw our request and got in touch. They have generously given CHS £75 to purchase the necessary items in-store.

School gardening clubs are excellent places for children to develop their confidence, communication, and teamwork skills while learning about plants and nature. It can help them understand where food comes from and promote healthy eating habits. They can also learn how to deal with garden pests humanely and discover the different organisms that live in the garden. Growing their food can give them a great sense of achievement, which can boost their self-esteem!

We appreciate the support of Karen and the team at Chichester (2266) Tesco for helping our start-up club.


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