Posted on: May 8th 2024

Solar panels fitted

Soalr panels (4)

TKAT has recently implemented a project to make their schools energy-efficient by installing solar panels. This project has been executed swiftly, and the school is already reaping the benefits during the summer months. The installation of solar panels in schools is a wise investment that offers numerous advantages. Not only do they significantly reduce electricity bills, but they also cut down carbon emissions, provide additional revenue, and serve as an educational tool.

Chichester High School has two areas of focus for this project, which are the Richard Hibbard building and the Art block. The school's energy costs are substantial, and despite our efforts to reduce energy consumption, we need to do more. Installing 276 solar panels and an inverter system across two buildings is expected to reduce our bills by approximately 45%. This means that there will be times when the Richard Hibberd building will be powered solely by solar energy, which will be a fantastic 'green' message for the school.

Here are some key takeaways from this project:

- Solar panels are an excellent investment for schools as they offer significant cost savings on electricity bills, freeing up funds for other resources or facilities.

- By installing solar panels, schools can reduce their carbon footprint and show their commitment to sustainability and energy efficiency, which can provide educational opportunities for students.

- Solar panels offer a long-term energy solution for schools, making them more environmentally friendly, protecting against future increases in utility prices, and providing free electricity for many years to come.

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