Posted on: March 18th 2019

Children on the Edge - update

Dear all Pupils at Chichester High School in years 7 and 8,

Firstly thank you so much for choosing to raise money for Children on the Edge at your Christmas Fair in 2018. You raised £496.43 which is a fantastic effort.

We were delighted to be able to come and speak to you about the work that we do and see such a positive response from you all to want to help.
As you know Children on the Edge makes a difference for thousands of marginalised children living on the edge of their societies around the world. With help from people like yourselves we support over 10,000 children to realise their rights and help restore the ingredients of a full childhood.

Below are the stories of two children that we have been able to help because of the support from people such as yourselves.

Both my colleague and  I were very impressed with how you engaged and listened as we spoke to you all in assembly, and it's encouraging to know that our future leaders and decision makers will come from students such as yourselves.

Thank you for helping us bring hope, life, colour and fun to these two and 1000,s more. 

Kind regards

Children on the Edge

Monir children on the edge

Htwel shaung children on the edge




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