School Calendar

Yr6 Parents' Evening

2nd July 2018 17:30 - 19:00

Induction Parent Evening, Monday 2nd July at 5:30pm 

  • Entrance to the school is through the doorway under the clock
  • Talk one for a-band parents will take place from 5.30-6.00pm and for f-band parents from 6.15-6.45pm. The evening will close at 7.00pm.
    You will be notified which band your child is in on arrival.
  • Parents of f-band pupils will meet with Form tutors from 5.30-6.00pm and parents of a-band pupils will meet with tutors from 6.15-6.45pm.
  • The evening will be an opportunity for us to give you information and also for you to get to know us. 
  • You will meet with the Executive Principal, Head of School, Vice Principal KS3, Transition Lead, Year 7 Form Tutors, Head of Houses, Senco and Pastoral Support Manager
  • Students are unable to join us as space is limited to two seats per family

The letter sent to parents can be found here