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The CHS Teaching School is a professional development centre for TKAT (The Kemnal Academy Trust), Chichester and the local area.

We provide high-quality training to our Academies using the expertise that we have developed and strong collaborative partnerships with external organisations with a strong track record.

We are working hard to support our Academies on their journeys towards 'Outstanding'. We place high value on professional learning and development.
Our CHS Teaching School is an excellent way for us to share what we have learned, and continue to develop and contribute to the wider educational system. 

The CHS Teaching School covers five areas:

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  1. Initial Teacher Training (ITT)
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  4. School-to-School Support, including Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)
  5. Research and Development

TKAT has a proven track record of improving schools, raising student attainment, improving teaching and learning and developing staff. As a successful Academy within the Trust, CHS welcomes its accreditation as a Teaching School and embraces its role to lead the school system in training and developing outstanding teachers (including) both the development of existing teachers through peer-to-peer training, coaching and mentoring and also supporting the training of new teachers.

The CHS Teaching School Vision

With a passion for collaboration, the CHS Teaching School will work with teachers, leaders and support staff to inspire excellence and create a culture of innovation and exceptional teaching and learning. This will drive success for all and significantly improve students’ life chances.

CHS Teaching School Offer

Our offer is aligned with the key areas of the Teaching School remit:

1. Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Building upon our experience as an 'outstanding school' we have become a regional SCITT Centre for The Kemnal Academies Trust (TKAT). 

We have a school based SCITT Hub, which is led by the head of school-centred initial teacher training.

Strong partnership links with a variety of universities have been established and we can provide whatever route and style of training is required by any potential trainees, whether salaried or otherwise.

2. Leadership Development

We have a successful track record of providing support tailored to the needs of individual schools. This can include major support across all areas of achievement or smaller more specific areas of support. Our large team of Specialist Leaders of Education (SLEs) will be available for this as are other members of staff, both at senior level and as skilled classroom practitioners.

3. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

We provide a comprehensive program of professional development courses, whether short courses, longer courses, accredited courses, twilight opportunities or bespoke programs. Regional and alliance schools within and outside the academy regularly attend our well established CPD courses.

4. School-to-School Support

We have created a pool of highly experienced practitioners or specialist leaders of education (SLEs) to support the improvement of a department, curriculum focus or student outcomes in our Academies.

- Specialist Leaders of Education

This means we can deploy a specialist leader into schools to work with a middle or senior leaders, to help raise standards, improving the department and outcomes for your students.

- Bespoke Training and Development

The teaching school also offers bespoke training and development opportunities to meet and individual school or group of schools requirements. These start with a discussion with school leaders to determine their precise requirements. The Teaching School will then provide and individual or team with the experience and expertise to facilitate and/or deliver this training.

5. Research and development

Chichester High School has a strong tradition of Action Research.

We are currently working in partnership with James Mannion who is a leading expert on action research, metacognition and learn to learn.

As part of our Performance Management, we ask our teachers to conduct a specified action research project and in January we will be proudly hosting a joint professional action research day for Regional TKAT Schools.

We provide support for research work and projects, whether for individuals or schools.


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