Junior Leadership Team

The Junior Leadership Team is a dynamic group of students who are working alongside Miss Sayer and Ms Maskatiya to make positive changes to CHS.

Our JLT team for September 2017 (not all members are pictured)

Jlt 201718

Our new Year 7 (May 2017) JLT members are pictured below.



Our new team are pictured above.

The group regularly meet to discuss changes to the school and consider how to make the school community more positive for all of its members.

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JLT Vision Statement

Students are...

Proud of themselves, each other and their achievements.
Listened to and our views are valued equally.
Are active in their school community.
Happy and safe.
Able to achieve all their aspirations.
Kind and considerate towards new people they meet.

Teachers are...

Proud of their students.
Respected and appreciated by their students.
Part of a school community.
Having fun teaching and enjoy interactive lessons.
Supporting students with all parts of their school life.

Parents are...

Having an active role in the school community.
Involved in their child's education.
Communicating with teachers and other members of staff to understand
children's achievements.
Regularly informed about changes in the school.