Assemblies at CHS

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Our Chichester High School Assemblies during Lockdown

During this period of remote learning we will be offering a full week of tutor time and assemblies for all pupils, all links can be found in Classcharts.

Monday - Loom Assembly 

Tuesday - 'Live' Tutor Time 

Wednesday - Loom Themed assembly 

Thursday - 'Live' Tutor Time 

Friday - 'Live' Head of Year Assembly

Our assemblies and tutor times will continue to support pupils being organised with their learning, as well as ensuring a focus on local, national and global events to encourage ‘active citizenship’.

They will also give our pupils an opportunity to reflect, discuss and come together. 



3rd March 2021

Year 7 - Some students will be involved with testing this morning.  If you're in school and free, they'd love to see you wave from a safe distance.

Those who are not involved in testing will have a live form time to prepare them for their Wellbeing Wednesday (today). Thanks to Mrs Simmonds who has created this resource that you may wish to adapt and use.

Well being Wednesday

Click here


25th February 2021

In form time for all year groups this morning, there is time to reflect on the combination of Love and Equality.  What does each term mean? 

Can we have one without the other?

Please also launch the Creative Citizenship Challenge.  Here is the video. 

For some year groups you may want to use this image as a stimulus for discussion: 

Creative Citizenship


24th February 2021

This morning's assembly has been sent to all students/parents via classcharts announcement. 

It has been created by Ms Noakes and marks the end of this year's LGBT+ History Month.

 LGTB+ History month

Here are further videos provided for students to explore in their own time were: 



10th February 2021

Today students will watch a fantastic video from Mr Waller
about Love..... all types of love! 

Click on the picture below


Eros - Romantic love
Philia - Friendship 
Storge - Love of family
Agape - Unconditional love, kindness

Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or
conceited or proud; love is not ill-mannered or 
selfish or irritable; love does not keep a record of
wrongs; love is not happy with evil, but is happy
with the truth. Love never gives up, and its faith,
hope, and patience never fail.


3rd February 2021

This week's assembly marks Children's Mental Health Week which has the theme 'Express Yourself'. 

Mrs Angus talks about the benefits of creativity as a way of expressing yourself and dealing with anxiety and stress.

She also mentions time to talk and 'the power of the small' - how one small word/phrase/conversation can make a huge difference.

It is about empowering all of us to reach out and the significant positive impact this can have. 

To view the assembly click here


27th January 2021

Ms Faulkner - Careers Lead and Head of Business talks
Careers - click here


20th January 2021

Today's assembly will go out on classcharts to all students/parents with the message below.  It has been made by Jazz Goddings as the first instalment of several sessions that will be shared with students over this term. 

Different students have taken on the task of delivering the sessions and it is a wonderful example of the great work of our Sports Academy (and Miss Honour). Please have a watch (just 5 mins) and congratulate Jazz for taking this important campaign on.  

"Today's assembly marks the start of this term's  ‘Be Real Campaign’ - A mission to change attitudes to body image; putting health above appearance and being confident in our bodies. This campaign is being spearheaded by students from our Sports Academy and we're very proud of the bravery and social conscience they have shown in taking this on.  THIS is active Citizenship! 


As you watch the video, think through these questions:

Why do we compare ourselves to others?

What is the impact of doing this?

You'll be introduced to the idea of the 'comparison whirlpool', where the more you compare, the worse you feel. There are practical tips offered to get over this, such as complimenting yourself and others on things that are not related to our physical appearance.  Try saying "You're so kind", "You make me smile" or "I really value how loyal you are". 

After watching this, we challenge YOU to be a champion for change!"