Conduct Online

Online code of conduct

CHS Remote Learning Behaviour Expectations 2021


In all remote learning and online spaces associated with CHS our normal Behaviour Policy and associated expectations apply.

This includes reference to all associated policies such as our Bullying and Safeguarding policies.

The principles, expectations, responsibilities, and code of conduct all apply to remote learning as they do when we are in school. As much as possible we follow this policy during any period of remote learning and for students still working in school.

The exceptions to the above are:

Expectations in live lessons and in online communication:

  1. Students must ‘mute’ their mic and camera and only unmute when directed to by your teacher. Teachers should mute all mics, cameras and lock the chat before a lesson.

  2. Students will use academic English in comments to teachers and if directed to speak to each other 

  3. Students will not make comments to other students in the chat or on their mic unless directed to do so

  4. Any inappropriate comments via the ‘chat’ facility will be communicated with parents by the class teacher

  5. Behaviour concerns, these will be recorded in Class Charts and reported to the Head of Year and/or a Deputy  Headteacher. Parents/carers will also be notified by the class teacher.

  6. Persistent poor behaviour will result in students being removed from lessons. This should follow firstly a warning, secondly a -ve point in Class Charts and then removal.

  7. Live lessons will be recorded 

  8. Online platforms and communication tools hosted by CHS should only be used for school work

  9. The sharing of login details to Live Lessons or other CHS remote learning tools to anyone not part of the intended audience may lead to IT privileges being removed. If this information is shared outside CHS this will be treated more seriously as it is potentially a criminal offence.


Keyworker and vulnerable children in school should wear full uniform. Students who do not may be sent home. 

Mobile phones

Students working on live lessons may use their mobile phones even if working on the school site. They should do this as directed by the teacher.


During any period of remote teaching there will be no detentions. This will be replaced by contacting parents who are best placed to appropriately act on any poor behaviour. 

Where a restorative conversation is appropriate this will happen online or in person as appropriate and will be initiated by the teacher with support as necessary from a senior teacher.

Where behaviour is repeated, dangerous or serious (inline with the behaviour policy) we are likely to use the following actions; removal of students from online learning; removal of students from in school bubbles to a space where they can work alone; fixed term exclusions.

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