During lockdown, our focus on wellbeing is even more important.

The remote learning we are providing will include time to reflect on wellbeing, particularly during tutor and assembly times. 

We will also be in contact with pupils and parents and carers to collect feedback regularly so that we can support you.

You are all doing a great job of engaging, supporting each other and learning.

Equally, we know there are many challenges and areas we would like to improve.

To help us with this please can you complete this short form to provide us with some feedback.

Parents and carers, please do also let us know if your child needs access to a laptop or internet dongle. We can provide these to students that need support where they have no device, a device that is not easy to use or are sharing a device with siblings.


Tom Brixey
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Angus is available to email here

She will be able to support you with your well-being.

Click on the picture below to view more detail


Wellbeing logo

Further websites for support can be found here