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Sandra Honey and Michelle Diplock
are the face of the Pastoral Hub

Sandra and michelle

They work with a number of vulnerable pupils on a daily basis providing: emotional support, food, spare uniform, shoes and toiletries.

However, their core role is to ensure that our most vulnerable students are able to achieve their potential in a large school setting.

They provide consistent emotional support to ensure mental well-being and physical health.

Call us

Mrs Diplock for Year 7, 8 and 9 on: 07517130651

Mrs Honey for Year 10 and 11 on: 07517130654

Mr Brixey - one of our Deputy Headteacher's on: 07922891915

Ms Smith - our Head of Sixth Form on: 07922891908

Safeguarding and Child Protection - COVID-19

Click on the picture to view the CHS policy area and find the

'Safeguarding and Child Protection Arrangements 
during school closure due to COVID-19' policy


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Immediate Danger

Call 999 for the Police if you think a child is in Immediate Danger

If you are worried about a child speak to the Integrated Front Door (IFD) on
01403 229900 or email them

If you are concerned about a child, colleague or family member you will find something to support them here.

If you would like to confidentially contact somebody at CHS, please contact us on 01243 787014 or click the help button.

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