Relationships, Sex, Health and Citizenship Education



We all aspire for our young people to develop into kind, reflective, active members of our global community.

This begins with instilling a sense of confidence built upon knowledge and understanding. At Chichester High School we work across all areas of the curriculum and our pastoral system to ensure this is possible.  

Students study timetabled lessons of Citizenship throughout their time here.


Within these lessons, we have developed a learning journey that encompasses all elements of the Relationships, Sex, Health and Citizenship curriculum, alongside other elements of PSHE such as careers.

Furthermore, due to this integrated planning, there will be an opportunity for all students at the end of year 11 to sit a GCSE in Citizenship.  This formal qualification is a fantastic stepping stone towards a career in the public services or further study in Politics, Law, Journalism, Sociology or History. 

Through these lessons, and supported across all areas of the school curriculum, we aim to equip all our young people with the knowledge, understanding, attitudes, and practical skills to live safe, healthy, productive lives and meet their full potential.

Our curriculum remains flexible and responsive to the changing needs of our young people.  We will endeavour to update you with any changes.

If you would like to know more about the delivery of Citizenship, please do get in contact with the school here

Mrs Christina Procter email
Head of Social Science

Further information:

See here for further details of the GCSE qualification

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