House System

The House System is valuable in fostering competition in an entirely positive and productive way and helps our children to achieve in every area of School life. 

Sally anne furtadoMrs Sally-Anne Furtado is our Director of Behaviour and Pastoral Development.

You can contact Mrs Furtado here

Many elements of School life are linked to it, such as academic, musical, sporting and cultural and we also include social elements of behaviour and courtesy.  The loyalty and sense of team, so evident in each of the Houses, brings out the best in our children.

The School House system is not new, of course; it is a tried and tested way of fostering a sense of loyalty and identity and where triumphs and disasters are shared by all.  What differs at Chichester High School is how strong the system is and how high it is in the children’s minds.

Houses provide opportunities for the development of leadership and service, one of our most important journeys. Regular house meetings allow House Leaders to encourage their members to greater efforts in all things and to focus on particular areas for improvement.







These are our House names

4 together