Drop everything it's Careers Day!

9412 cpa profiles careers videos

Welcome to our first ever ‘Drop Everything it’s Careers Day’. During these strange times we decided, as a school, that this was the perfect opportunity for students to ‘Drop Everything’ and explore their future.  On the links within this page you will find a booklet for you to work through (this is year group specific). However, before you do this, the aim is that you complete the career quiz to see what your ‘ideal’ career suggestion is, it’s a bit of fun and may open up some ideas for you. I was pleasantly surprised when my result suggested I should be a teacher!

We then would like you to explore the different careers under the relevant links, for example if you are interested in becoming a solicitor then you would click on the link to ‘Law and Legal Services’. A few of our staff have also created videos of careers they have been involved in, so please do give these a watch.

Finally, for those students interested in Sixth Form, we have included a couple of promotional video’s which are predominantly delivered by our students and parents. Please watch these if you are in year 10 and would like to study A-Levels or be part of our Sports Academy.

We hope you find it fascinating to look at possible future careers.

We look forward to discussing this with you when you return to school in September.

Miss V Smith - Vice Principal and Ms M Faulkner - Head of Business & Careers Lead


  • For students to develop positive attitudes towards study and work
  • For students to evaluate their own strengths and to build on their own areas for development
  • To help students engage in career planning
  • For students to understand and develop the skills that are required to be successful in their future pathway
  • To provide Year 10 and 12 students with a comprehensive understanding of opportunities at key transition points and translate these effectively into appropriate decisions and actions
  • To provide students with the relevant careers information, advice and guidance that are suitable for their personal needs