September 2020

We have attached a number of documents to support you through Transition from Primary School to Chichester High School.

You will find a Parent Guide and a Pupil Guide, which we hope will help your child with their move to Chichester High School.  In the pupil booklet, there is some guidance on accessing Seneca learning and a code has been given for English and Maths. We have also attached additional workbooks for English and Maths, which they can do at home over the coming weeks in preparation for attending Chichester High School. 
We have uploaded a series of videos that our staff have put together so that your child can hear from them all individually and put a name to a face. Please do encourage your child to watch them. 
Our teachers should have phoned each one of you. This will have given you and your child the opportunity to ask questions to ease some concerns that you may have.  
We have also attached weekly flyers that have been sent out this term designed to be a focus talking point for you and your child to discuss concerns and find support to resolve them by using links and advice found within them.
We look forward to welcoming your child to Chichester High School and hope this goes someway in supporting and helping them through this unprecedented time. 
Yours faithfully 
Mrs Julie Silcock
Vice Principal – KS3 

Year 6 flyer about anxiety 1

Downloads Date  
Ltr Year 7 first day of term 17th Jul 2020 Download
Ltr Year 7 from the English Dept 17th Jul 2020 Download
Pupil Transition Guidebook 2020 1 01st Jun 2020 Download
Chichester High School parent guide 2020... 19th May 2020 Download
New year 6 pupils 15 5 20 17th May 2020 Download
Year 6 to Year 7 English SHN 01st Jun 2020 Download
Year 6 Transition Maths Booklet 01st Jun 2020 Download
Year 6 flyer behaviour attendance 16th Jun 2020 Download
Year 6 flyer about making friends 1 22nd Jun 2020 Download
Year 6 flyer behaviour and attendance 22nd Jun 2020 Download
Year 6 flyer about anxiety 22nd Jun 2020 Download
FINAL ROAD SAFETY FLYER 1 22nd Jun 2020 Download