Year 10 English

A message from Ms Hodson

English word education banner 66675 157Greetings Year 10

It brings me great joy each day to check out who is doing what in relation to keeping up with their English studies.

When lockdown was announced (7, yes 7, weeks ago) I was keen to ensure that there was PLENTY for Year 10 to get on with so that the skills that we had practised and honed in class were not lost or forgotten. Home-schooling is something that both parents and students had to get used to – with absolutely NO training. It’s something we, as teachers, also had to become familiar with. It was unknown territory for us all.

In spite of everything therefore, I would like to CELEBRATE the large number of you who are engaging with the work, creating your own timetables for each day and producing all sorts of mind maps and revision posters, working through booklets and assessment questions and, most importantly, sharing your efforts and achievements with the CHS English Team.  THANK YOU!

Please remember that there are plenty of resources to stimulate your thinking on Edmodo, on GCSE Pod and, as of last week, Seneca. I have updated the Guide to using these resources and provide a copy here.

As a parting message, please DO NOT WORRY if you are feeling a little lost, especially with the new knowledge that this situation is likely to continue for a while longer. Do what you can, when you can. We are working on a package to ensure that when we do return to school we, your teachers, can re-visit previous learning and ensure that EVERYONE is brought back up to speed with the skills you will need to achieve your target grades in Year 11. We are watching for announcements each day and please be assured that we will be there to SUPPORT YOU ALL through these extraordinary and exceptional times.

You are, like the times, EXTRAORDINARY and EXCEPTIONAL.
I look forward to re-uniting with you - as soon as it is safe to do so.

Ms Hodson xx


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Using English resources during COVID-19 12th May 2020 Download