Staff emails


Staff will aim to reply with 24hrs, during the working week.

If you do not receive a reply, please do not hesitate
 to contact the Head of Department.

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Mr Barclay Head of Geography
Mr Boniface Director of PE
Mrs Budd Food Science/Art
Miss Capaldi Psychology
Mr Carroll Head of MALALA/KING and PE
Ms Chandler History/SMSC
Mrs Childs SENCO
Mrs Clarke Head of Performing Arts
Mr Coles Head of Maths
Ms Coomber Head of Languages
Miss Cullen Art
Mr Davies Vice Principal/Technology
Miss Doyle Maths
Mr Faulkner Head of ROWLING/History
Mrs Freeman Art
Mr Freeman Deputy Head of Sixth Form/Science
Miss Gault Science
Mrs Gibson English
Mr Gouldstone Physics
Miss Hanson English
Mrs Heasman Head of Design Technology
Ms Hodson Associate SLT/Head of English
Miss Honour PE
Mr Johnson Vice Principal/Maths and Physics
Mr Kettle Science
Mrs Lewry Deputy Headteacher
Mr Mathews Science
Mrs May Maths
Mrs McGreevy Languages
Mr McGrory Maths
Mrs McKeown Headteacher
Mr McLagan PE
Miss Mellouet Languages
Mrs Nicholls English
Ms Noakes English
Mr Palmer CHS Sports Academy
Mrs Peirce Welfare Assistant
Mr Peters Geography
Mrs Procter Social Science: RS, Psychology and Citizenship
Mr Rake Head of Science
Mrs Read Head of History
Mr Roberts Business Studies
Mrs Rogers Maths
Mr Rowland History
Mr Saunders Science
Ms Sayer Head of RS/Sociology
Miss Sharp Languages
Mr Shove PE
Mrs Silcock Vice Principal/History
Miss Skinner Head of HAWKING/PE
Mr Sleep Science
Mrs S Smith Head of Food Science
Ms S Smith English
Ms V Smith Vice Principal/Head of Sixth Form
Miss Taylor Science
Miss Thomas English/PE
Mr Tidy Head of Technology
Miss Toney Geography
Mr Vince Geography/Tourism
Mr Walker Drama
Mr Waller Vice Principal/Maths
Mrs Weeden English
Mrs Wicken Deputy SENCO
Mrs Williams Head of Art
Mrs Woodard Geography
Mrs Wright English
Mr Zanger Science/PE