Citizenship (Ci)
Exam board and Specification: OCR, GCSE Citizenship J270

Citizenship Studies aims to enable students to deepen their knowledge of democracy and government, the law, rights and responsibilities and how we live together in society. This GCSE encourages students to think critically, evaluate evidence, debate ideas, make persuasive arguments and justify their conclusions. Students acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills to take responsible citizenship actions, play a positive role in public and democratic life as informed and active citizens, and build the foundations for further learning and study.

Citizenship provides the context within which students can:

Know and understand what democracy is, how parliamentary democracy operates within the constituent parts of the UK, how government works and how democratic and non-democratic systems of government are different beyond the UK

Know and understand the relationship between the state and citizens, the rights, responsibilities and duties of citizens living and working in the UK and how people participate in democracy

Know and understand the role of the law in society, how laws are shaped and enforced and how the justice system works in England and Wales

Use and apply knowledge and understanding of key citizenship ideas and concepts, including democracy, government, justice, equality, rights, responsibilities, participation, community, identity and diversity, to think deeply and critically about a wide range of political, social, economic and ethical issues and questions facing society in local to global contexts

Use and apply citizenship knowledge and understanding to contribute to debates, show understanding of different viewpoints, make persuasive and reasoned arguments, and justify and substantiate their conclusions

Assessment takes the form of three external examinations

i. Citizenship in Perspective 50mins 25%
ii. Citizenship in Action 1hr 50mins 50%
iii. Our Rights, Our Society, Our World. 1hr 25%

Homework will be set. One homework per three lessons.

For further information contact: Mrs C Procter