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Religion, Philosophy and Ethics (Rs)

Exam Board and Specification:   AQA GCSE Religious Studies A 8062


  • To achieve a full GCSE qualification in a subject that is relevant to the current events in the world today.
  • To develop critical skills that will help you in a wide range of subjects and will allow you to develop your own opinion on moral issues.
  • To develop knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious beliefs, teachings and sources of authority.


You will study some of the most important philosophical and ethical questions in life, including: Why does God allow evil to happen? Do miracles happen? Should the Bible still be important today? Is the Big Bang more likely than the Christian creation story?

You will be expected to understand and evaluate Christian beliefs about these questions.

You will study two religions (Christianity and Buddhism) in depth. The focus of your studies will be on ‘Beliefs and teachings’ and the ‘Practices’ of these two religions.

You are taught through a variety of innovative and exciting methods. There will be opportunities for group work, debate, using ipads to make presentations, and will be taught effective revision strategies. There is also the opportunity to attend a revision conference where you are able to discuss your point of view with others, and challenge guest speakers on your opinions on the topics the pupils have studied.

Students who have studied this course in the past have continued to study A Level Philosophy and Ethics and this has led to a wide range of careers such as medicine, law, teaching, and social work.


You will be given regular practice examination questions in lessons and will be expected to sit 3 exams in total at the end of the course in 2023.



% of the final grade

Christianity & Buddhism: Beliefs and teachings & practices

1 hour 45 min
written paper

50% of total GCSE

Philosophy and ethics in the modern world from a religious perspective

1 hour 45 mins written paper

50% of total GCSE


You will be given regular homework which will give you feedback about how to succeed in the subject. This may be using GCSE Pod, quizzes and exam technique guidance.

Teaching Method Used

  • Presentations                                                                  
  • Discussions/debates
  • Group-work
  • Watching/reading recent news programmes/debates

Careers This Subject Leads Onto

  • Journalism                                                            
  • Medicine
  • Teaching                                                                
  • Business
  • Law                                                                       
  • International work                                                                          

For further information contact:  Ms Sayer