Mathematics is a creative discipline of higher order thinking which sits comfortably across all areas of the curriculum and life in general. At Chichester High School we strive to ensure that our students are given the safe environment they need be able to gain the understanding required to communicate effectively in an analytical, mathematically reasoned and evidenced way. As Mathematics teachers we appreciate the beauty and power of mathematics, and hope our sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject is embraced by our students. We recognise that each student is an individual and all students have the potential and right to be successful.

Mathematics (Ma)
Exam Board and Specification: Edexcel GCSE Mathematics 1MA1

Maths is fun and challenging!
Maths GCSE will enable you to achieve success in the essential skills of numeracy and problem solving. You will need these skills in other subjects in the curriculum and everyday life.
The course will develop your ability to think and reason mathematically. It will help you realise the application of Maths in the world around you and also help prepare you for further study.

All students will be studying towards achieving two GCSEs by the end of Year 11. Firstly they will continue to develop their understanding of Mathematics so that they can achieve their target grade in GCSE Maths.
The most able mathematicians, those that wish to study A Level, will also be given the opportunity to study towards a higher level Maths qualification.
Students are expected to bring to every lesson all the normal mathematical equipment and a scientific calculator.

GCSE Maths is assessed by a terminal examination only. This examination consists of three papers, one without a calculator and two with a calculator.
There is no coursework.

You will be expected to complete homework tasks of up to 2 hours per week.

For further information contact: Mr O Coles