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Product Design (Pd)

Exam Board and Specification: AQA GCSE Design & Technology 8552



This course is designed to fully develop your design and creative capability through a variety of project based activities, which involve designing, construction and promotion of products.

If you enjoy making, modelling, drawing, testing, IT and learning about a range of innovative products then this is the course for you a really fun and dynamic subject.


During the start of Year 10 pupils will take a number of small practical tasks to develop their manufacturing skills before starting their first coursework unit. In the later part of Year 10 pupils will complete their first part of the coursework unit before undertaking a series of small practical tasks ready to start the second part of the coursework unit which will be completed in Year 11.

As part of your two assessment units you will be required to design one major make project and an innovative design task to a design brief.

We will be using ICT wherever it is appropriate to design, calculate, make and develop 3d drawings.


The GCSE is made up of two controlled assessment parts:

  • A practical exam (50%, Controlled assessment)
  • Written examination (50%)


Pupils will be expected to complete one piece of homework every two weeks to cover either the controlled assessment or projects currently working on.

Careers This Subject Leads Onto

  • A level Product Design
  • A wide range of further education courses at College - Furniture Making, Engineering, Product Design
  • Manual Work in the construction industry
  • Support progression into Apprenticeship

Teaching Method Used

  • Practical task-based assessment
  • Traditional techniques (literacy skills, practical demonstrations).
  • Class discussion (teacher explanation and questioning, student contributions).
  • Independent learning (research tasks).

For further information contact:  Mrs Heasman