SIMS Parent Lite app

We are in the process of rolling out our new SIMS Parent App to our CHS community.

What can I see or do on the SIMS Parent app?

SIMS Parent App enables you to access real time information about your child such as achievement, homework, attendance, timetable and reports, as well as offer the opportunity to update the school with key contact information.

Using SIMS Parent App

As the Parent App is rolled out you will receive an invitation code to join SIMS Parent app.  The invitation will have been received from noreply@sims and will be valid for 14 days.

For a guide on how to setup the Parent App, please click here

Usernames and passwords are not issued directly by the school as parents can use their existing Facebook, Twitter, Google or Microsoft Account credentials.

If you do not have any of the above then please find below links to create a free Google or Microsoft Account

Support & Registering for SIMS Parent App

If you have any issues with signing in to the SIMS Parent App or if you are not currently registered for the SIMS Parent App and would like to sign up for it then please contact the school.

App Version

The App is available on Apple & Android devices please click below to download the appropriate app.

Apple iOS

Itunes app store logo

Android Store

Google Play

Web Version

There is also a online web based version which can be found at Below is an image showing what the logon page looks like.

Website image

Creating a Google Account
Instructions for how to set up a Google Account are available directly from Google 

Creating a Microsoft Account
Instructions for how to set up a Microsoft Account are available directly from