Posted on: August 24th 2022

GCSE Results Days 2022

Chichester High School GCSE exam results day 2022


Information for YEAR 11

GCSE Results Day Thursday 25th August 9.00 am - 11.00 am

GCSE students to collect results from the Sixth Form Centre.

Any results not collected will be posted home.

From 9.00 am Sixth Form enrolment.

If you are away on results day, please email your GCSE results to either
Ms Smith or Mr Freemantogether with your subject options,
so that they can confirm your place in Sixth Form.

If you cannot come in to collect your results, you can get a relative or friend to collect them on your behalf. Your nominated person must bring a signed letter from you and some form of their own identification, such as a driving licence, passport or birth certificate. No results will be given out by telephone under any circumstances.

Google Form to complete before Results Day

It is a Government requirement that we record what you are doing after Year 11. Please complete the Google Form that has been sent via Parentmail to record this information. This form needs to be completed by Friday 19th August, before results day. 

Certificates are awarded for all subjects in which you achieve a grade; they are not issued for U grades. You will receive notification when certificates can be collected from school, which will be early in December. Your certificates will be needed for Further Education studies or employment. The school does not keep copies of your certificates so please ensure they are kept in a safe place. It will be very costly and time consuming for you to replace them.

Reviews of Results (RoRs) If you are concerned about your results and are considering a Review of Marking of any of your papers, you will need to go to each examining board website and search for the grade boundaries for the qualification. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our teachers at school on results day. Grade boundaries are useful in determining if an enquiry should be pursued. Please do consult a member of staff if you need advice about this.

The Post Results Services that are available are detailed on a separate form with the Exam Board costs. The form will be included in your results envelope and is on the school website. You need to pay for a Review of Marking service and payment is required before an application is submitted. If your grade changes as a result of a Review of Marking, your fee will be refunded. The deadlines for all Post Results services are on the form.

It is also possible to look at your exam paper before considering a Review of Marking or for the school to use them as teaching aids. Your consent is needed to access your exam papers, this is also included in the Google Form.

* Understanding the process: A Review of Marking is a post results review of the original marking to ensure that the agreed mark scheme has been applied correctly. Awarding body reviewers will not re-mark the script. They will correct any errors identified in the original marking. Following a Review of Marking, marks (or may be even grade) can go down, up or remain the same. You will sign a form before your application is submitted, which will show that you understand the possible outcomes.

If you have any queries about results day, please email the EXAMS office here

Post results service information can be found here




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