Posted on: May 13th 2022

Gillian Keegan meets Edelyn Spina

COP26 Climate change conferenceDuring 2021, our local Chichester MP, Gillian Keegan, launched a Chichester Climate Challenge for students at Primary and Secondary Schools for COP26.

Gillian wrote to schools across the area, encouraging them to take part in the competition asking the next generation to come up with ideas on how to improve the environment, as well as mitigate climate change.


The winner would be selected by Gillian, who will then take the idea to the Prime Minister, where she will share the details of the winners’ idea with him.

For Secondary Schools, Gillian is looking for innovative ideas. The judging criteria will be on how well thought out the ideas are, as well as feasibility.

If a student has identified an area for rewilding, she was looking for things like: why is the site a good place, what are the potential impacts, and who might have to pay for it.

The written element had to be a max of 500 words, with an optional one-page
digital poster containing graphics, design ideas or storyboard.

Huge congratulations to Edelyn Spina who recently received a letter from Gillian

Edelyn has been acknowledged as winning the Chichester Climate Challenge for Students 2021-22.

Gillian enjoyed reading Edelyn’s proposal for ‘Rewilding Chichester and Fishbourne’

Gillian came into CHS today to meet with Edelyn, to formally congratulate her and give her a certificate

One voice can make a difference and Edelyn has proven that with her letter writing.

Congratulations Edelyn, CHS is very proud of you.

Chichester High School Edelyn Spina and Gillian Keegan visit 13.05 6




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