Posted on: May 12th 2022

Supporting your child's learning at home

Hs carousel 01c mobileThank you for attending Parent Session (4) about supporting your child's learning.

Please find the resources here 

Parents play a crucial role in supporting learning, and this support is strongly linked to better academic outcomes. 

This session aims to help support parents and carers with ways to encourage and support independent learning at home.



  • How to establish good homework habits
  • How to encourage your child to set goals
  • How to help your child regulate their own learning
  • How to support anxiety and exam stress
  • To discuss ways in which you can support your child with home learning
  • To introduce methods which ensure healthy home learning habits
  • To introduce methods to aid with revision

We look forward to welcoming you to our last virtual session on Thursday 9th June.  Session 5 - Sex and Relationships 6pm to 7pm.

This session aims to support parents with encouraging their children to have open communication about relationships and sex.

  • Tips on how to talk to young people about relationships and sex
  • The School RSHE curriculum
  • Helpful resources

Join the google meet which will be sent via ParentMail




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