Posted on: June 18th 2021

KS2 Transition to CHS


KS2 Transition booklet can be found here

Dear Parent/Carer

Adjusted Induction Programme for Year 6

Thank you for your forbearance this week. In light of the Government announcement that restrictions will not be lifted until at least 19th July, and to comply with West Sussex guidance I can now update you on our changed transition programme. Accompanying this letter is a parent guide for you which will answer many questions which you may have on your child moving to Chichester High School.

Over the next few weeks, a number of virtual meetings have been organised to allow you to access further support to aid your child’s transition. We will send out links to each meeting separately with a google form for you to provide questions before each meeting based on the area of focus. Not every parent /carer will need to attend all the meetings:

Date and Time

Virtual Meeting



24th June, 9.00-10.00

‘Small Schools’ parent/carer meet.

 An opportunity for those parents whose child had been due to join us for the ‘Small School’ morning to meet with staff.

Headteacher, Mrs McKeown

Head of Year 7, Miss Thomas

Director of Behaviour and Pastoral Care, Mrs Furtado


1st July,

English and Maths support

An opportunity to discuss concerns or ask questions about supporting your child’s English and Maths in readiness for Secondary School

Vice Principal KS3, Mrs Silcock

KS3 Lead English, Miss Hanson

KS3 Lead Maths, Mrs May

8th July,

Supporting Pupils with SEN or well-being

An opportunity to get some guidance on supporting children with SEN or who are more vulnerable

SENCO, Mrs Childs

Assistant SENCO, Miss Costello

Well-Being Lead, Mrs Angus

Director of Behaviour and Pastoral Care

15th July,

Pastoral Support and help with settling in

Deputy Headteacher, Mr Brixey

Head of Year 7, Miss Thomas

Director of Behaviour and Pastoral Care, Mrs Furtado

Assistant Pastoral Support Manager, Mrs Longman

In agreement with West Sussex County Council,  Headteachers in the locality and TKAT, an Induction Day has been agreed for Wednesday 21st July. This will involve some face to face meeting time for your child. Your child will be invited into Chichester High School for a pre-set time where they will be able to meet with their Form Tutor and receive a book for summer reading. In the afternoon, Mrs McKeown and our Head of Year 7 will release a pre-recorded presentation for you and your child to watch together. At 5.00 you and your child will have a virtual meeting with your child’s form tutor so that they can introduce themselves to you and answer any pre-sent questions for the meeting. They will be supported with another member of the Pastoral Team to ensure that any additional questions can be answered in the ‘chat’.

A large proportion of our Year 6s are joining us for Summer School 23rd August to 27th August and they will have the opportunity to get to know each other and some key staff during this week.

Finally, our Year 7s will start Chichester High School on Friday 3rd September. We will not have any other pupils in school on this day so that your child can become familiar with the layout of the school, their break areas and spend time together as tutor groups with their Form Tutor bonding.  We will organise a time in September for you to meet your child’s Form tutor also, within the first week or two  of term. Details will be provided on this at the start of term. In the meantime, most of your children will have received a visit from a member of our school community to give them an opportunity to ask questions in the comfort of their primary school. A number of pupils have requested a peer mentor and or/penpal in preparation for starting with us from Ms Skinner. If they or you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us or join one of our virtual meetings.

Yours sincerely

Julie Silcock
Vice Principal KS3                                                               

Transition Lead