Posted on: March 31st 2021

Flash Fiction with Helen Fields

Helen Fields

Helen FieldsI was delighted to learn that one of our Year 7 parents is an established author, and even more delighted when she approached me with an idea to support and develop our students writing, through a 'flash fiction' competition.
Students were set an option of two tasks which promoted creative and lateral thinking, but, they were limited to word count, forcing them to consider the impact of every word and carefully craft every sentence. We received a variety of entries, some from students independently and others entered into the competition by English teachers who had used the task as a lesson. 
Flash Fiction   Helen Fields
Helen was impressed by the student's submissions overall and she gave some written feedback to all the entrants, which has been captured on their prize certificates.
She commented: 

'The standard here was very high. Writing flash fiction is incredibly hard. I was impressed by all the stories. Every one of them showed real imagination and promise. The use of language was superb. There was very little between the winners and other applicants. You should all be incredibly proud of yourselves. Flash fiction is a great way of polishing writing skills to make sure every word is well used. You are all seriously talented. Keep writing! Id love to see what else you can come up with '

It is fantastic development for our young writers to gain feedback from a professional in the industry and I am immensely grateful to Helen, and our students for engaging with this competition so readily.

The quality of writing was so impressive that I am compiling a 'Young Writers Anthology' to share some of our student's talented written compositions with the local community, in shared spaces like doctors waiting rooms, coffee shops and school reception areas. 

Watch this space!!

Miss Hanson
KS3 English Lead


not all winners are pictured with our Headteacher, Mrs McKeown

Overall prize winners were:

Elizabeth Morris - Year 7 (Amazon Voucher)
Madison Haramis - Year 9 (Amazon Voucher)
Alfie Smith - Year 9 (Amazon Voucher)
Lily Burgess - Year 7 (Amazon Voucher)

Evie Bridger, Year 9
Eli Horne, Year 9
Laura Hawkes, Year 9
Katie McColl, Year 9
Bailey White, Year 9