Posted on: January 30th 2021

Couch to 5K with Mr McLagan


Couch to 5K” is a free program that takes people from their couch to running a 5K race in 9 weeks.

5K is short for 5 kilometres, or 5,000 meters or 3.1 miles.

The program utilises an uber-popular concept called interval training – moving at different speeds throughout a running session – and lays out exactly what to do every day for 9 weeks after starting.

What's cool about Couch to 5K is each day you know exactly how you should be training!
By varying your pacing, your body is forced to adapt to different speeds, your heart and lungs have to adapt to various levels of strenuous activity (and get stronger/healthier as a consequence).

As a result, you actually burn more calories and get better prepared for a race than compared to just training at a constant speed.

In other words, interval training rocks and should be used by anybody who wants to get better at running.

Over the weeks, Couch to 5K slowly ramps up the amount of time you spend running and cuts back the time you spend walking until you’re at the point where you can actually run a 5K without stopping.

The couch to 5k program we will start begins on Monday the 8th of February 08/02/21. Its a 9 week program we will be uploading pictures and cheering each other on etc via google classrooms and Strava.

Use the link and join the google classroom for more information and motivation before the 8th February 2021.




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