Posted on: January 18th 2021

Mental Health and Well-being

Build a NN in Learning and Life (1)

Dear Parents, Carers and Students,

Well-Being And Learning Skills Webinars January through to March

We wanted to let you know about some exciting and innovative webinars designed to support well-being and learning skills.  Andrew from Action Your Potential, an innovative company supporting our work, are running webinars for all of our families during January, February and March.

Please find details below.  Do sign up, Action Your Potential’s mission is to help everyone in our school community to become a #NeuroNinja, someone who lives inside their amazing brain knowing how it works so they can the best out of it every day.

Be A #NeuroNinja In Learning & Life From Action Your Potential

10 Webinars in 10 Weeks – to sign up click here.

It’s been such a challenging time.  This New Year has begun in such a difficult way, another Lockdown and in January, a very bleak month of the year.

We’re always here for the children, parents, young people and staff we support.  We wanted to offer practical help to everyone we support.  Back by popular demand, 10 Webinars all about your amazing brain, in 10 Weeks.  We’ll focus on practical, everyday habits to transform our relationship with ourselves, each other, our learning and our well-being.  Being a #NeuroNinja means understanding your brain and mind and using that understanding to change your life.

We’ll come out of this pandemic one day in the not-too-distant future, enter that new world as a new you and support your children to do the same. 

To sign up, click here, if you can’t access the webinar live don’t worry, we’ll put a recording on our website for you to access. 

Here’s Andrew describing the series of webinars.  

And here’s a poster.


Date & Time

Session Title

Thursday 21 January
7 to 7:30 pm

1: How Can I Have A Better Day Every Day?

In this webinar we’ll look at the 15 Ways to have better learning days in which we look at how to balance learning, well-being & mental health every day working with the grain of our amazing brain

Thursday 28 January
7 to 7:30 pm

2: Why Don’t I Get Stuff Done & How To Be More Productive Every Day?

Why does our to do list not get done?  Why do we waste so much time every day?   In this webinar we’ll look at why the brain tries to avoid doing things we don’t want to do and how we can work it to get tasks done and fun in every day

Thursday 4 February
7 to 7:30 pm

3: De-Motivated, Feeling Meh? – How Can I Help Myself Every Day?

Why do I feel meh today?  Why can I never follow through with a habit change?   In this webinar we’ll look at how to think about and manage our brains to build habits that support getting on with it

Thursday 11 February
7 to 7:30 pm

4: Why Is My Memory So Rubbish & What Can I Do About That?

Why is my memory so bad?  Why can’t I remember what we learnt yesterday?   In this webinar we’ll look at how to get the most out of your brain’s incredible memory

Thursday 18 February
7 to 7:30 pm

5: If I Am Stuck With My Learning What Can I Do?

What should I do when I am stuck in my learning?  How can I help myself?  In this webinar we’ll look at how what you can do to get unstuck every day

Thursday 25 February
7 to 7:30 pm

6: Why Am I So Unkind To Myself & What Can I Do About It?

What does failure hurt so much?  Why am I so unkind to myself when things go wrong?  In this webinar we’ll look at how our brain talks to itself and how to listen and respond, rather than believe every thought, get upset & react.

Thursday 4 March
7 to 7:30 pm

7: How Can I Bounce-Back From A Set-Back?

When life gives you lemons how can you reliably make lemonade?  In this webinar we’ll look at how you can use set-backs to accelerate growth, learning and improvement

Thursday 11 March
7 to 7:30 pm

8: Why Am I So Moody & How Can I Help Myself Every Day?

Why do I get stuck in a bad mood?  Why do I moan all the time?  In this webinar we’ll look at what moods are and what to do about them?

Thursday 18 March 
7 to 7:30 pm

9: How Can I Challenge Myself Without Upsetting Myself?

How do I feel the fear of a challenging goal and do it anyway?  In this webinar we’ll look at how to use desirable difficulties to change our brain every day.

Thursday 25 March
7 to 7:30 pm

10: How Can I Improve Everyday & Enjoy My Life?

Why is everything easier said than done?  Why is everything harder than I thought it was going to be?  In this webinar we’ll look at how to use the three #NeuroNinja I’s to transform our approach to personal learning and growth.