Posted on: December 9th 2020

Additional closure day

Dear Parent / Carer

I hope you and your families remain well.

You may have seen the recent Government announcement that schools will have an additional closure day to students on Friday 18th December. The Government have made this decision to support Test and Trace as schools will need to remain on call to respond to any positive COVID cases for 6 days after closure, so to the end of Wednesday 23rd December.

I, therefore, write to inform you that the school, and all schools within our Trust, will be closed to all students on Friday 18th December with our last day of term being Thursday 17th December.  

We apologise for the late notice but we have only just been informed by the Government.

The arrangements for Thursday 17th are as follows:

Years 7-11 will complete a normal learning day with Period 5 being a Tutor Period. Full school

uniform must be worn. Year 8 will leave at their normal time of 3pm to ensure we can distance year

groups as they leave site.

Sixth Form will complete periods 1-3 in normal lessons and then have their end of term event.

If your child develops symptoms and is tested positive for COVID-19 over the Christmas holidays, the Government have issued clear guidance about when you should inform the school and when this can be managed by NHS Test & Trace as set out below:

When you need to contact the school:

If your child has symptoms either on or before Saturday 19th December and then tests positive for COVID-19 on or before Wednesday 23rd December, please contact the school between 10:00am and 12:00 midday by calling or texting this number: 07517130652.

When you make contact please be sure to tell us your child’s name, year group, when they first developed symptoms and the date you received confirmation of a positive test.

We will inform all parents / carers by ParentMail in the same year bubble if we are informed of a positive case. I remind you that, under Government guidance, we are unable to identify the child.

When you should not contact the school and instead tact NHS Test and Track:

If your child has developed symptoms after Saturday 19th December or more than 48 hours’ after

they were last in school please contact NHS Test & Trace directly.

If your child has a positive test result which returns after Wednesday 23rd December, please contact NHS Test & Trace.

Throughout this challenging term, your support has been overwhelming and has supported the meaningful and safe opening and running of our school community. In advance of the Christmas break I want to sincerely thank you all for that support and wish you and your families’ good health.

Yours faithfully

Joanne McKeown