Posted on: December 9th 2020

Laptops for Young Carers

Laptops for Young Carers

Young carers are extraordinary!

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In West Sussex, an estimated 6,000 people under the age of 18 are caregivers, including some children as young as four years old. Young carers take on substantial responsibilities, providing vital care and support to their loved ones when they are themselves just children and teenagers.

More than ever, young carers need laptops and online access to keep connected and continue learning.

To meet this challenge, Chichester Festival Theatre, in partnership with West Sussex Young Carers, have created Young Carers Connect to reconnect young carers across West Sussex with vital support services, online learning, creativity, and a world beyond caring. 

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Mrs Diplock and Mrs Honey identified several students who will benefit from a laptop.

Many, many thanks to Chichester Festival Theatre